Gender Diversity Toolkit No. 3: In the Pipeline or on the Sidelines: Is Your Leadership Development Working for Women?

The Conference Board of Canada, 25 pages, July 4, 2002
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This publication addresses the perception gap between CEOs and senior women managers on the subject of women’s advancement in Canadian organizations. It identifies the principles of leadership and presents four development approaches that can help to overcome the barriers faced by women in progressing to leadership positions.

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The third component of the Gender Diversity Toolkit, this report takes a practical approach to improving women’s representation at the top. It first identifies the principles of leadership development under the headings Assess, Challenge, and Support. It then applies the principles to four specific approaches that have been found critical in developing women’s leadership potential:

  • Developmental stretch assignments
  • Developmental relationships, such as mentoring and networking
  • Classroom-based management development programs and courses
  • Continuing formal education, such as MBA programs

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