Toward Thriving Northern Communities

The Conference Board of Canada, 78 pages, December 13, 2010
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While Northern communities share common strengths, many are not thriving. This report examines factors that influence the vitality and well-being of Northern communities.

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On the national and international stages, the broader interests of Northern communities are often overshadowed by Arctic sovereignty and economic development. Northern communities, while diverse, tend to share some common attributes. Many are remote, and have smaller, younger populations and higher proportions of Aboriginal peoples than do their Southern counterparts. Many Northern communities are characterized by a strong sense of community, culture, connection with the land, and a history of resiliency in the face of considerable change. However, many are not thriving—lacking security, self-reliance, sustainability, and/or social development. This report is part of a larger five-year project intended to bring the well-being of Northern communities to the forefront of Canada’s discussion about Northern issues.

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