A Clear View of Safety at Loewen Windows

The Conference Board of Canada, 6 pages, May 26, 2010
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The Organizational Effectiveness and Learning case studies examine outstanding education and lifelong learning programs and initiatives. This case study addresses the impact of workplace literacy and essential skills on workplace health and safety.

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Operating in Steinbach, Manitoba, Loewen Windows has broadened its commitment to develop the skills of its workforce and those of the local community. The company aims to maintain a workplace culture where diversity and multiculturalism are valued. To that end, it provides all workers with tools, education, and development opportunities to help them succeed. The company’s Foundation Skills Program was designed to promote opportunities for workers to upgrade their English-as-an-additional-language skills as well as to improve literacy skills. To achieve its goals, Loewen partnered with SALLSA (now called SEELS—South Eastman English and Literacy Services), a community group whose activities address the language shortcomings of local immigrants. The partnership allows Loewen to access government funding, which covers 50 per cent of the instructors’ fees. Loewen expects that these literacy development efforts will help develop the leaders that will be required for the sustainable growth of the organization.

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