Ambassadors of Goodwill: Key Insights of Some Well-Known Case Studies in Risk and Crisis Communications

The Conference Board of Canada, 6 pages, April 3, 2000
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When faced with business risks, fostering goodwill with the public and enhancing stakeholder relations will contribute to a company’s success and survival.

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With competition growing fiercely, companies have redefined how they conduct business and expand their operations. As business risks affect stakeholders, companies design and implement specific programs to manage them; among these are effective risk and crisis communication.

Companies can effectively communicate with their stakeholders. Case studies detailed here show how:
  • Sterling Pulp Chemicals—a newcomer in a Southern U.S. Town—faced opposition and won public trust;
  • Hydro-Québec survived the 1998 ice storm crisis;
  • Canadian Blood Services combatted theoretical risks and raised public confidence; and
  • Hamilton’s Industry worked with neighbours to improve environmental performance.

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