Business Critical: Maximizing the Talents of Visible Minorities—An Employer's Guide

The Conference Board of Canada, 118 pages, March 7, 2005
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This practical guide is designed to help Canadian organizations maximize the talents of visible minority employees. It provides concrete strategies and tools that can be used by leaders, human resource managers and line managers to create inclusive workplaces that respect, value and promote visible minority talent.

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For more than two decades there has been much talk about the need to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces, yet too few organizations have been able to demonstrate measurable success in attracting, developing and promoting visible minority talent. Changing global and national demographics have made it a business imperative to recognize and value the talents and potential of visible minority employees.

This guide for employers is based on comprehensive research of successful practices used by national and international organizations representing both the public and private sectors. It offers practical tools, strategies, guidelines and insights for maximizing the talents of visible minority employees, including how to:

  • Develop a diversity strategy and align it with organizational goals and values;
  • Hire visible minorities;
  • Build and promote visible minority talent;
  • Create inclusive workplace cultures; and
  • Build the business case for a focus on visible minorities.

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