In Search of a New Equilibrium in the Canada-U.S. Relationship

The Conference Board of Canada, 41 pages, January 19, 2005
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The need for a new equilibrium in bilateral relations with the United States has been widely recognized. The report highlights four areas that Canada should focus on: border security, Canada's role in American strategy, access to the U.S. market, and our relationship with the United States.

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This report sets out a framework for considering how the Canada–U.S. economic partnership aligns with our overall role in the world in the post–Cold War, post–September 11 era. The need for a new equilibrium in our bilateral relations has been widely recognized, and the recent successful visit by George W. Bush set a positive foundation on which to build. To this end, the report presents some practical and pragmatic steps that Canada can take to improve bilateral relations with our southern neighbour, focusing particularly on four challenge areas: strengthening border security, determining Canada's role in U.S. strategy, ensuring access to the U.S. market, and enhancing our relationship with the United States. This report is based on an extensive review of the academic and policy literature, a series of confidential interviews with experts on Canada–U.S. affairs, and a bi-national round table of business leaders held in June 2004.

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