Values, Knowledge, and Vision: How Inuit Skills Can Strengthen Northern Economies

The Conference Board of Canada, 21 pages, December 20, 2021
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How can Northern economies grow through Inuit skills and community priorities? This primer explores job sectors in Inuit Nunangat where values, traditional knowledge, and strengths thrive.

Document Highlights

  • Inuit want employment and business opportunities that reflect their values, traditional knowledge, and community-based strengths.
  • The Inuit arts economy has a strong foundation, but also untapped potential. Cooperatives and social media platforms continue to open new opportunities, while unreliable Internet and cell connectivity and a lack of marketing and e-commerce training are obstacles to equitable market access.
  • Inuit land-based practices play a pivotal role in emerging conservation-sector activities—including environmental monitoring, resource stewardship, ecotourism, and climate change research.
  • Inuit land-based activities also have untapped potential to strengthen local food security and sustainable livelihoods in Inuit Nunangat.

Table of Contents

Harvesting—Understated by Conventional Economics
The Arts Sector
The Conservation Sector
Scaling Up Conservation Sector Opportunities
Beyond Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreements
What We’ve Learned
Appendix A—Methodology Appendix B—Bibliography

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