Artificial Intelligence for Career Management and Talent Mobility

The Conference Board, Inc., 14 pages, June 14, 2021
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AI-powered solutions accelerate and scale up internal career moves and tailored learning plans. To help organizations prepare for future workforce needs, AI technology can also create actionable insights to identify talent gaps, uncover training needs, and embrace agile working.

Document Highlights

The nature of work and the workplace are rapidly changing, and career management strategies also need to change. Organizational structures are becoming flatter, with work organized via temporary projects and teams. Talent needs to be mobile in this more fluid environment. Worker attitudes are also changing; increasingly, employees expect career opportunities that align with their personal values and aspirations and that ensure long-term employability in a shifting skills landscape. With these two dynamics in play, it has never been more vital for an integrated approach to career management, talent mobility, and learning to ensure that talented individuals have the right skills to move into new career opportunities that suit both their needs and those of the business.

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