Value-Based Healthcare in Canada: Opportunities for Advancement

The Conference Board of Canada, 36 pages, December 8, 2020
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Value-based approaches to health system management and healthcare delivery are being explored in Canada. To be reflected in improved health outcomes and system efficiencies, strategic efforts to drive value need to be patient-centric, coordinated across stakeholder groups, grounded in standardized systematic measurement, and enabled by a robust data infrastructure.

Document Highlights

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) is a patient-centric approach to designing and managing health systems. The approach has the potential to deliver substantially improved health outcomes at significantly lower costs. The process assesses costs incurred and services provided to patients with a focus on outcomes that are meaningful to them.

Value-Based Healthcare Canada (VBHC Canada) is an independent, pan-Canadian initiative launched by The Conference Board of Canada. VBHC Canada brings together healthcare stakeholders from Canada and the world to help reach consensus on the priorities for value-based system transformation in service of improving patient outcomes and building more resilient health systems.

Value-Based Healthcare in Canada examines the benefits of value-based investments, explores value-based funding models and procurement, and draws on Canadian and global experiences to build capacity for value-based healthcare transformations.

Table of Contents

  • Highlights
  • Context
  • Why value-based healthcare?
  • Drivers of value-based healthcare
  • Value-based healthcare in Canada
  • Canadian initiatives
  • Digital health technologies
  • Alternative payment program in Alberta
  • Choosing Wisely Manitoba’s initiatives
  • The PaRIS initiative
  • Moving forward: Strategies for promoting value-based healthcare in Canada
  • COVID-19’s impact on Canada’s healthcare
  • Next steps

Appendix A—Value-based healthcare principles and secondary criteria

Appendix B—Mandate letter alignment with VBHC principles

Appendix C—Methodology for data repository

Appendix D—Global leaders of value-based healthcare

Appendix E—Bibliography

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