C-Suite Challenge™ 2020: The View of Risks and Opportunities in 2020: Hot-Button Issues

The Conference Board, Inc., 36 pages, January 10, 2020
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What challenges are CEOs and C-suite executives anticipating for the coming year? For the second consecutive year, recession risk is the top external concern—despite leading economic indicators signalling that a small improvement.

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For the second consecutive year, recession risk is the top external concern for CEOs globally—despite leading economic indicators signalling that a small improvement in the global outlook is more likely than recession in 2020. The heightened recession concerns are amplified by what CEOs see as continued uncertainty around global trade, increasing competition, global political instability, and tightening labour markets.

CEOs’ internal concerns include talent and skills shortages, disruptive technologies, and building an innovative culture. Additional concerns include developing next-generation leaders and controlling costs. In such a volatile world, the capacity to collaborate, to re-imagine external and internal networks, will likely be a decisive factor in future success.

This report is one of a suite of knowledge offerings based on responses to the C-Suite Challenge™ 2020 survey, which asked CEOs and C-suite executives for their views on the external and internal stress points they face, the need and will to collaborate with nontraditional partners to drive future growth, and the impact that cyber-risk and more sophisticated attitudes toward data privacy will have on their organizations in a digitally transformed business environment.

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