C-Suite Challenge™ 2019: The Future-Ready Organization: Switzerland

The Conference Board, Inc., 9 pages, May 27, 2019
Key Business Issues
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According to our C-Suite executives in Switzerland, threats to global trade systems stands as the top external concern, a headache for 45 percent of respondents. The fear of an upcoming recession is much less of a concern for Swiss C-Suite Executives compared to their global peers, while for the Swiss C-Suite the volatility of their currency remains a major issue.

Document Highlights

While C-suite executives in Switzerland are aligned with their global peers on many issues, some major differences in their responses grabbed our attention. While recession risk ranks among the top three external risks globally and in Europe, it only ranks number 7 for C-suite executives in Switzerland. They also emphasize productivity, revenue growth, and cost savings, while globally there is greater emphasis on how technology can help decision making and serve as a talent recruitment and retention tool.

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