Just What Is the Corporate Director's Job? Business Media Perspectives

The Conference Board, Inc., 24 pages, May 27, 2019
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Members of the business media have an idealized view of how the board should conduct itself, so they are frequently disappointed by what they perceive to be the reality.

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The business media expects boards to act like those idealized in textbooks, so they are often disappointed by what they perceive to be the reality: board members are “creatures of the CEO” and vice versa. Governance experts say this perception shows how out of touch the business media is with what actually goes on in the boardroom, how directors are selected, and what their role is. And that’s exactly the point: the business media is not invited into the boardroom. Given the media’s admitted penchant for seeking out sensational stories of failed crisis management, greater access is not likely to be in the offing. But greater understanding between boards and the media could be.

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