Effective Leadership Development Strategies for Women Leaders at Pivotal Points: Chief Human Resources Officers and Senior HR Leaders Speak

The Conference Board, Inc., 26 pages, February 24, 2019
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Gender parity among leadership at all levels, but particularly at the junction points of midlevel and senior levels, has stalled. Implementing effective programs and practices can reignite the change engine.

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Senior and human resources leaders play a critical role in activating change across the full leadership pipeline, particularly at key leadership junctures. This report addresses why the underrepresentation of women continues and uncovers pivotal points and practices that may supercharge the advancement of women. To do so, we engaged sitting CHROs and senior HR leaders around the world via discussions, interviews, and a survey, and tapped into the collective wisdom of CHROs and senior HR leaders from The Conference Board CHRO Councils, as well as clients of Korn Ferry. To augment our findings, we examined current data and literature on leadership development approaches.

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