Council of Canadian College Executives

The Council of Canadian College Executives engages college leaders from across Canada by providing in-person and virtual opportunities to convene, build relationships, and discuss key issues in post-secondary education.

College executives will have the chance to expand their national and global networks and partnerships, build their reputations, and improve the overall effectiveness of their home institutions.

Who Should Join?

Presidents, vice-presidents, and other executive-level leaders at publicly funded colleges in Canada who are committed to excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

Key Objectives

  • Learn from cross-sectoral experts and thought leaders about current challenges and solutions in areas such as workforce development, education and training innovation, and post-secondary education strategy.
  • Engage, collaborate, and discuss with peers from across the country in a confidential, closed-door setting.
  • Gain insights from the Conference Board’s established strengths in Canadian economics and executive convening.

Benefits of Membership

ConveneLearn and TeachGain Insights
Participate in virtual events, in-person meetings, and study tours. These are developed based on member interest and draw from the Conference Board’s experience, knowledge, and networks.Share your experience and develop solutions for today’s tough problems with a trusted network.Learn about and contribute to the Conference Board’s research on education and skills, Canadian economics, human capital, and more.

Members Only

This section is currently underdevelopment. In the meantime, please visit this page to access all members-only content.

If you’re not a member and would like to become one, please contact us.

Past Meetings

Action Lab on Applied Research

October 2022  •   Virtual

Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Approaches to Retention and Inclusivity in Apprenticeship Pathways

June 2022  •   Virtual

Polytechnic Education in Canada and New Zealand

May 2022  •   Virtual

Shared Prosperity: The Role of Colleges in Local Economic Development

April 2022  •   Virtual

Relevant Research for Members

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