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NPI Summit

The Inaugural National Pharmacare Summit: November 22, 2018, Toronto

Summit Overview

The Summit will convene government, payers, patients, policy-makers, industry and other key stakeholders to discuss potential models for National Pharmacare based on research, economic analysis and dialogue now underway. Implications for design, implementation, cost, investment and patient outcomes will be presented. The Summit’s findings and associated recommendations will be shared with the federal Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare, federal, provincial and territorial ministers of health, and Canadians broadly. The Summit is one part of the National Pharmacare Initiative, led by a steering committee of senior health system leaders.


To view the current version of the agenda and confirmed speakers, please click here. The Summit will take place at the Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel, 123 Queen Street W., Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2M9.

Ensuring Affordable Access to Medications for all Canadians

The rapid emergence of new innovative medicines that offer greatly improved quality of life, extended survival rates and, in some cases, cures and vaccines for serious diseases offer unprecedented opportunities for patients. At the same time, concern regarding the cost of pharmaceuticals and the desire to guarantee access as part of universal health care has reached historic levels. Governments and other stakeholders are moving quickly toward action on a National Pharmacare strategy.

The National Pharmacare Initiative

In the interest of supporting and informing this critical debate, The Conference Board of Canada, together with its Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC), launched the National Pharmacare Initiative (NPI) in Spring 2018. This initiative includes a series of activities, including policy research and analyses, as well as education and deliberative dialogue within a neutral forum. The initiative is designed to evolve in tandem with the work of the national Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare.

Engage, Learn, and Debate the Issues on National Pharmacare

Addressing the pressure points on providing appropriate and timely access to needed medications will require fresh thinking about the broader health care system and the implications of different Pharmacare options from various perspectives, including patients, governments, the private sector, health service providers, and many others who can affect and are affected by the pharmaceutical landscape in Canada. Conference delegates will engage with speakers, discussants, and each with other, to identify opportunities and required actions to effectively and sustainably meet the health care needs of Canadian today and into the future.

Benefits of Attending

A series of presentations and panel discussions by experts and key stakeholders representing the public and private sectors, academia, patients and patient groups, and The Conference Board, will provide insights and understanding on the key issues related to National Pharmacare and options for Canada. Discussions aim to elucidate what we know about the current options presented to date, as well as the design and implication of alternative options, from various perspectives

By attending this event you will:

  • Learn about different options for National Pharmacare and the current and projected impacts of each from different stakeholder group perspectives;
  • Directly contribute to debate and discussions on key issues related to National Pharmacare;
  • Provide direct input in the development of recommendations towards best policies and practices for any National Pharmacare model which may be adopted.

Networking Opportunities

Our health summits attract a wide range of executives and experts from leading organizations including the public sector, private sector, associations/societies/not-for-profit agencies, academia and research institutions, health service providers and institutions, patients and patient groups.

This summit provides essential information, as well as discussion and networking opportunities for you and your organization at various levels of leadership and in many functional areas and industries, including:

  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Medical products and technology
  • Research
  • Public policy
  • Patient access

Patients Included

Through our generous investors, a Patients Included fund has been established to ensure that patients and representatives from patient organizations can attend this event at no charge. To apply and register as a patient or representative from a patient organization, please e-mail Ronson Brown.


To register, please contact Ronson Brown at 613-526-3090 ext. 231 or by e-mail. Note that this is a complimentary event.

Become An Investor

Support this important event, connect with other key stakeholders, and collaborate with though leaders and practitioners in this space. To learn more about the benefits of being an investor, please view the NPI Investor Brochure or contact Ronson Brown at 613-526-3090x231 or by e-mail. View current Investors.


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