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Key Compliance Deadlines and Requirements

The Government of Ontario has laws to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Ontario is the first province to enact specific legislation establishing a goal and time-frame for accessibility. Learn about the Accessibility for Ontarian’s Disabilities Act (AODA) including accessibility standards, reports and action plans.

The requirements and deadlines depend on the type and size of your organization. Find reporting deadlines for complying with accessibility laws.

Creating Accessibility Policies and Multi-Year Plans

As part of Ontario’s Accessibility Standard, organizations are required to complete compliance reports, develop accessibility policies and multi-year plans. Compliance reports must be completed to ensure that your organization complies with the accessibility standards that have been implemented to date. Accessibility policies set out practices your organization will put in place to become more accessible. Finally, an accessibility plan is a road-map to help you meet Ontario’s accessibility laws and remove any accessibility barriers you have identified.


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Accessible Workplaces

The Employment Standard requires you to make your employment practices accessible to meet the needs of employees and job applicants with disabilities. The Conference Board of Canada has partnered with the Ontario Government’s EnAbling Change Program to create the Employers Toolkit, which provides additional information on the Employment Standard and practical advice to employers of all sizes to make their workplaces more inclusive, including recruitment, return-to-work, development and retention.


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Accessible Public Spaces

The design of public spaces standard sets requirements for features of the physical environment to make it easier for employees or customers with disabilities to move through and use your organizational facilities. This standard includes issues such as counter height, aisle and door width, parking and signage.

The organization that is responsible for complying with the accessibility standard related to design of public spaces is the organization with the authority or permission to construct or redevelop the site. This person or entity may or may not be the owner of the land.


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Accessible Customer Service

The Accessible Customer Service Standard ensures equal opportunity for people with disabilities to access, use and benefit from services or programs with the same quality and timeliness that others receive. Accessible customer service includes provision of accessible information and communication, customer service protocols, service dogs, support workers, accessible websites and web content, assistive devices and an accessible feedback system.


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Compliance Questions

For any questions regarding compliance or legislation, please contact the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario.

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