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Accessibility Research

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19187_accessibilityguide_coverMaking Your Business Accessible for People with Disabilities: Guide for Small Business

A guide to help your small business employ and serve people with disabilities.

Research conducted by The Conference Board of Canada highlights the many benefits of having an accessible and inclusive workplace for people with disabilities, and provides strategies for implementing good practices. The following reports can be downloaded at no charge from the website.

The Business Case to Build Physically Accessible Environments

Making work spaces and facilities more accessible would allow people with physical disabilities to participate more fully in the workforce, lifting overall economic activity by $16.8 billion by 2030. This report provides results of a survey of Canadians with physical disabilities to identify barriers for workforce participation and calculates the economic impacts associated with increased labour participation.

Training and Developing Persons With Disabilities coverTraining and Developing Persons With Disabilities: Six Cases From the Canadian Private Sector

(Custom Report, 32 pages, June 2015)

Investments in effective training and onboarding do pay dividends, and this is true for employees of all abilities. This report explores the practices and approaches of six Canadian organizations from across the country. These organizations share practices used to train, develop, and advance the skills of people with disabilities.

Business Benefits of Accessibility coverBusiness Benefits of Accessibility

(Briefing, 26 pages, June 2014)

People with disabilities struggle to find employment and are a talent pool often overlooked by employers. This briefing examines the business benefits of accessible employment practices and provides strategies and resources to help businesses develop accessible and inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities. It is targeted at an executive audience and will help you articulate the business case for your own context.

A Business Perspective on Hiring and Integrating People with Disabilities coverA Business Perspective on Hiring and Integrating People with Disabilities—Some Research Observations

(PowerPoint presentation, March 2014)

This presentation is by Ruth Wright, Director, Leadership and Human Resources Research, The Conference Board of Canada.

Business Benefits of Accessibility coverTapping the Talents of People with Disabilities

(Special Report, 64 pages, April 2001)

This comprehensive research report and employer guide explores myths and good practices concerning employment of people with disabilities. The report gives practical advice for hiring people with disabilities and integrating them into the workplace.