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Frequently Asked Questions on Accessible Employment

  1. Where can I get specific information on what is required of my organization under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)?
  2. Where can I find information on good practices that other organizations have successfully implemented to make their employment practices more accessible?
  3. What are the business benefits of accessibility?
  4. What is the best source for candidates with disabilities?
  5. How can an employer make applying for a job more accessible for people with disabilities?
  6. Must employers modify at least one entrance for barrier-free access, if they currently do not have one, in order for candidates with disabilities to access the premises?
  7. Is it legal for an employer to ask an employee if they need an accommodation?
  8. What third parties could be involved when creating an accommodation plan?
  9. What are some typical accommodations that can be made?
  10. How much information can an employer request of an employee when developing an accommodation plan?
  11. How do employers create an accommodation plan? Is there a standard format to follow?
  12. What kind of medical information can an employer ask from an employee?
  13. Is an emotional support animal considered a service animal?
  14. In what circumstances would an accommodation request be denied by an employer, and what should the next step be?
  15. Is there a standardized approach that can be taken for developing a return-to-work plan, or should each plan be customized?
  16. What should an employer do if an employee is unable to return to their pre-disability position and they do not have the right skills for another position within the organization?
  17. Is the turnover rate higher for employees with disabilities?
  18. Are there resources or organizations that can help employers determine and implement disability-related accommodations for employees?

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Compliance Questions

For any questions regarding compliance or legislation, please contact the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario.