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Board of Directors


Lund Stephen E. Lund
Chief Executive Officer
Toronto Global


Black Susan Black
The Conference Board of Canada
Corley John Corley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Brinks Canada Limited
Cormier Guy Cormier
Président et chef de la direction
Mouvement Desjardins
Daignault Benoit Daignault
Corporate Director
Knubley John Knubley
Corporate Director
Lenton Rhonda L. Lenton
President and Vice-Chancellor
York University
Luongo Elio Luongo
Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner
Nashman Laura Nashman
Chief Executive Officer
British Columbia Pension Corporation
Odland Steve Odland
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Conference Board, Inc.
Pickersgill Andrew Pickersgill
Managing Partner
McKinsey & Company Canada