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Canada’s Clean Trade Strengths

The world is moving toward a cleaner, low-carbon economy. Canada can benefit from the large and growing opportunities to export climate-friendly technologies.

What climate-friendly technologies do we have a competitive edge in exporting? Find out how your province measures up by using this interactive map and the charts below. These tools identify provincial strengths in exporting climate-friendly technologies.

Use the drop down control to select a climate-friendly technology for display in the map and charts. In the map, you can scroll over each province for a pop-up of that climate-friendly export’s strength. Below the map, compare data across the provinces for different technologies.

Provincial Clean Trade Strengths

Export strengths are when a province’s Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) is greater than 1. The RCA index compares the province’s share of a particular export to the world’s share of that export. When the province’s share is higher than the world average, we say that the province has an RCA or competitive edge in exporting that product. For comparison purposes, Canada’s top climate-friendly exports are below.

List of Climate-Friendly Technologies

HS Code Name Descriptive name
392010 Membranes for landfills, oil refineries Membranes to provide impermeable base for landfills, gas stations, oil refineries
560314 Wastewater filters Nonwovens of synthetic filaments for filtering wastewater, weighing more than 150 g/m2
701931 Lining of solid waste Lining of solid waste to prevent methane escaping, similar products
730820 Towers and masts for wind turbines Towers and lattice masts for wind turbines
730900 Large capacity waste containers Large capacity waste containers (to reduce methane emissions)
732111 Energy-efficient cooking appliances Iron or steel non-electric cooking appliances and plate warmers (gas or combination fuels)
732190 Parts for energy efficient appliances Parts for non-electric heating appliances (energy efficient appliances)
732490 Water saving shower Water saving shower
761100 Biomass gasification tanks Aluminum containers, specifically tanks or vats for anaerobic digesters for biomass gasification
761290 Small capacity waste containers Small capacity waste containers (to reduce methane emissions)
840219 Hybrid vapour boilers Hybrid vapour generating boilers, not elsewhere specified
840290 Superheated water boilers Superheated water boilers and parts of steam generating boilers
840410 Auxiliary plants for steam boilers Auxiliary plant for steam, water, and central boilers
840490 Parts for auxiliary plant for boilers Parts for auxiliary plant for boilers, condensers for steam/vapour power units
840510 Producer gas or water gas generators Producer gas or water gas generators, with or without purifiers
840681 Steam turbines > 40 MW Turbines, steam and other vapour, over 40 MW, not elsewhere specified or included
841011 Hydraulic turbines < 1,000 kW Hydraulic turbines and water wheels of a power not exceeding 1,000 kW
841090 Parts for hydraulic turbines and water wheels Hydraulic turbines and water wheels, parts, including regulators
841181 Gas turbines > 5 MW Gas turbines of a power not exceeding 5 MW (Does not include turbo-jets or turbo-propellers)
841182 Gas turbines < 5 MW Gas turbines of a power exceeding 5 MW (does not include turbo-jets or turbo-propellers)
841199 Gas turbine parts Gas turbine parts not elsewhere specified (does not include turbo-jets or turbo-propellers)
841581 Air conditioners w reverse cooling/heating Air conditioners not elsewhere specified, allowing for reversal of the cooling/heat cycle
841861 Heat pumps Heat pumps, other than air conditioners
841869 Refrigerating equipment Refrigerating or freezing equipment, not otherwise specified
841919 Solar boiler Solar boiler (water heater)
841940 Distilling or rectifying plant Distilling or rectifying plant (helps with ethanol production, reduce oil/gas use)
841950 Solar system controller Solar collector and solar system controller, heat exchangers
841989 Equipment for heat treatment Equipment for heat treatment (excluding furnaces, ovens, etc.)
841990 Medical, surgical, or laboratory stabilizers Medical, surgical, or laboratory stabilizers (improves energy efficiency)
848340 Gears and speed changers Gears and gearing and other speed changers (specifically for wind turbines)
848360 Wind turbines clutches and joints Clutches and universal joints (specifically for wind turbines)
850161 AC generators < 75 kVA AC generators not exceeding 75 kVA (specifically for all electricity-generating renewable energy plants)
850162 AC generators 75 kVA–375 kVA AC generators exceeding 75 kVA but not 375 kVA (for all electricity-generating renewable energy plants)
850163 AC generators 375 kVA–750 kVA AC generators exceeding 375 kVA but not 750 kVA (for electricity-generating renewable energy plants)
850164 AC generators > 750 kVA AC generators exceeding 750 kVA (specifically for all electricity-generating renewable energy plants)
850231 Wind-powered generating sets and converters Electric generating sets and rotary converters, wind-powered
850680 Hydrogen fuel cells Fuel cells that use hydrogen or hydrogen-containing fuels to produce an electric current
850720 Lead acid accumulators Other lead acid accumulators
853710 Photovoltaic system controller Photovoltaic system controller
853931 Fluorescent discharge lamps Fluorescent discharge lamps
854140 Photosensitive semiconductor devices Photosensitive semiconductor devices, including photovoltaic cells and light-emitting diodes
900190 Solar concentrator system non-glass mirrors Mirrors of other than glass (specifically for solar concentrator systems)
900290 Solar concentrator system glass mirrors Mirrors of glass (specifically for solar concentrator systems)
903210 Thermostats Thermostats
903220 Manostats Manostats

Sources: The Conference Board of Canada; The World Bank.