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General Innovation Skills Aptitude Test (GISAT 2.0)

Do you have the skills needed to contribute to innovation success in your business? Is your organization maximizing its innovation skills capacity? The Conference Board of Canada’s General Innovation Skills Aptitude Test (GISAT 2.0) can help you answer these questions, and set you on a path to innovation success.

Innovation is only possible if people can apply their knowledge and skills, adapt to changes, generate new ways of thinking, and implement solutions. Financial, technological, and other passive resources—while important—do not produce innovation without skilled people. Collectively, individuals’ skills create an organization’s capacity to innovate.

GISAT 2.0 helps organizations assess their innovation skills capacities against their innovation skills needs.

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GISAT 2.0 Is Easy to Use

Organizations use GISAT 2.0 to develop workplace cultures and climates that recognize the value of skills in solving problems and addressing customer needs—leveraging connections; taking calculated risks; and transforming good ideas into value-add products, processes, and services.

GISAT2.0 involves four steps that assist individuals, teams and organizations:


  • the extent to which they demonstrate desired innovation skills; and
  • the importance of these skills to a particular job or job function.


  • the innovation skills gaps (surpluses or deficits) that exist between individuals/teams and their job functions.


  • the implications and impacts of these innovation skills gaps on innovation performance.


  • a skills-deployment strategy to address innovation skills gaps;
  • a learning and skills development plan to maximize individual/team performance.

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Access GISAT 2.0

Whether you are an individual, a small team, or an organization with hundreds of employees, GISAT 2.0 offers a level of analysis and engagement that suits your needs.

Option 1

GISAT 2.0 Online (web-based version) is available for purchase. (See purchase details below.) GISAT 2.0 Online automatically calculates individual innovation skills scores and generates a downloadable report for your own records and use. A company-wide/team assessment and consultation service is also available with this version.

Option 2

A PDF version of GISAT 2.0 is available for free. Download as many copies as you need. Note: There is limited functionality and no automatic calculations or team assessments offered with this version.

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Purchase Details

To discuss the GISAT 2.0 products and services in greater detail, please contact The Conference Board of Canada by e-mail, or telephone at 1-866-711-2262 ext. 315.

What’s Included in Your Purchase

Option 1
GISAT 2.0 Online
Option 2
Access to the GISAT 2.0 tool Yes Yes
Secure, personalized, and password-protected GISAT 2.0 account Yes No
Automatic tabulation of GISAT 2.0 results and customized PDF detailed report sent to personal e-mail for saving and printing.

The GISAT 2.0 online custom report provides you with an in-depth analysis and commentary of your scores to help you better understand your innovation skills surpluses and deficits, and what it means to you, to your job, to teams/departments, and to your organization.
Yes No
Option for a company-wide/team GISAT 2.0 assessment and analysis report (see below for details) Yes No
Option for a company/team GISAT 2.0 debrief and consultation (see below for details) Yes No


No. of GISAT 2.0 Downloads Option 1
GISAT 2.0 Online
Option 2
1–9 individuals/employees $35/individual account Free
10–49 individuals/employees $30/individual account Free
50+ individuals/employees $25/individual account Free
100+ individuals/employees $20/individual account Free

Optional Company-Wide/Team Assessment and Debrief

The Conference Board can provide an aggregate roll-up of individual results at a team, department, or organization-wide level. This optional service provides a detailed overview of your organization’s innovation skills profile, and considers the implications of any innovation skills gaps (+/–) on business performance.

A debrief/consultation service (by phone or in person) is also available for organizations interested in a more thorough analysis and conversation about their innovation skills capacity, and what might be done to better align skills needs and capacities.

Contact The Conference Board of Canada by e-mail, or telephone at 1-866-711-2262 ext. 315, for more information on these services.

No. of Employees GISAT Account (Web) Customized Team/Company Assessment Report Telephone Debrief/Consultation In-Person Debrief/Consultation (1/2 day)
1–9 employees
1–9 employees $35/account $750 $500 $1,500 + travel
10–49 employees
10–29 employees $30/account $900 $750 $1,500 + travel
30–49 employees $30/account $1,250 $750 $1,500 + travel
50+ employees
50–79 employees $25/account $1,750 $750 $2,250 + travel
80–99 employees $25/account $2,250 $750 $2,250 + travel
100+ employees
100+ employees $20/account $3,500+* $1,000 $2,500 + travel

*Costs will be calculated/estimated based on total number of employees beyond 100.

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