The Conference Board Advantage

The Conference Board of Canada is uniquely suited to provide the Centre with the skills and experience required to undertake quantitative and related analysis of Canada’s business innovation systems and processes. The Board is also equipped to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among the investors and stakeholders to achieve the Centre’s mission. We are an independently funded, non-partisan, and non-advocacy organization with a track record of influencing the shape of national dialogue on key issues affecting our country.

The Conference Board is the largest think-tank in Canada and the Centre for Business Innovation will leverage this capacity. The Board has a strong multidisciplinary research capacity, multi-stakeholder facilitation capabilities, connections with prominent leaders, and the ability to communicate effectively to decision-makers and opinion leaders. The Conference Board is uniquely positioned as a credible, neutral third party that can advocate for business innovation based on evidence. It has the critical mass of expertise and infrastructure to make this initiative a success using its existing infrastructure.

The Conference Board’s capacity to carry out a wide range of research—plus its ability to engage stakeholders at the firm, public, media, and governmental level—provide the basis for powerful, positive gains in innovation performance.

The Conference Board has the capacity to widely disseminate the CBI’s research findings to business people and firms in all parts of Canada for adoption and use. Our multiple channels for dissemination include electronic outreach to a readership of more than 200,000 individuals, and to the members of our more than 40 executive networks for business leaders. We will also communicate results via partnerships with major business associations and organizations. In addition, we will employ the latest in social media strategies to further broaden our reach.

One of the Centre’s goals is to change how business innovation is discussed by the public, media, political leaders, and policy-makers in Canada. Centre research is designed to clearly articulate the important connections between innovation and the challenges our country faces in ensuring our national well-being and economic sustainability.

Our ability to impact public policy stems from our capacity to communicate credible, independent research findings that link the micro strategies for firms to the macro socio-economic outcomes so that government can see the impacts that can come from public policy changes. We will leverage our long-standing partnership relationship with The Conference Board, Inc. and our work as the Canadian partner of the World Economic Forum to access international findings about these linkages.

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