• What does the future of food look like in the next five years?
  • What will the impacts of digital technologies from artificial intelligence, big data to blockchain be on food products and distribution?
  • What will be the next revolution in food distribution?
  • What are the coming agricultural risks from climate change?
  • Are governments positioned to take action and respond to these changes?

This unique event will bring together a wide range of stakeholders—attracting participants from across Canada’s food system—to discuss these questions and more.

Food and drink impact Canadians in an extraordinary range of ways. They affect our lives, our health, our jobs, our economy, and our environment. Canadians want foods that are safe, nutritious, affordable, available to all, and produced in ways that are environmentally sustainable. There is renewed determination to safeguard and sustain the health and profitability of the food sector and to resolve pivotal issues, thereby ensuring the quality, healthfulness, safety, and sustainability of the food supply for Canadians and consumers abroad.

It is for these reasons that the annual Canadian Food & Drink Summit continues to attract industry leaders, policy experts, government representatives, and other key players from Canada's food and beverage and related sectors to discuss, learn, and debate sectoral approaches, food performance and potential opportunities.

Join us March 27th and 28th and be part of the conversation that will delve deep into this rapidly changing sector and provide you with ideas and tools on how to navigate and leverage these changes.