The Role and Value of Private Career Colleges in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, 82 pages, June 21, 2016
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This report examines the role and value of private career college (PCC) training, with a particular emphasis on who seeks out training from PCCs and why. It also examines key issues that permeate the sector and provides recommendations for improving Canada’s PSE system.

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Canada has a large sector of privately run PSE institutions offering career-focused training. These institutions, known as private career colleges (PCCs), award certificates and diplomas in fields such as trades, health care, information-technology, applied arts and design, transportation, personal services, and law enforcement. The Role and Value of Private Career Colleges in Canada examines Canada’s private career colleges and discusses their role in Canada’s post-secondary system (PSE). The report describes the value of private career colleges in making PSE accessible to learners who wish to quickly gain skills for employment in a particular field. These institutions also serve as a pipeline for employers seeking skilled workers. However, there are a number of challenges that stifle this sector’s performance. This report offers recommendations for improving the performance of the private career college sector in Canada’s PSE system.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction

  • The Purpose of This Report
  • What Are PCCs?
  • Methodology
  • Structure of the Report

Chapter 2—The Private Career College Landscape in Canada

  • PCCs in Context
  • Characteristics of the Sector
  • Summary

Chapter 3—The Role and Value of PCCs

  • The PCC Value Proposition
  • PCCs and Their Partners
  • Summary

Chapter 4—Experiences and Outcomes of PCC Students

  • Types of Learners
  • Who Attends PCCs and Why?
  • Summary

Chapter 5—Issues Facing the PCC Sector

  • Regulation
  • Quality
  • Students
  • Recognition
  • Employers
  • Finances
  • Summary

Chapter 6—Toward a Better Training and Post-Secondary Education System in Canada

  • Actions for Government Regulators
  • Actions for the PCC Sector
  • Actions for Other PSE Stakeholders
  • Actions for Learners
  • Actions for Employers

Appendix A—Additional Tables

Appendix B—Bibliography

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