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The Centre National Security (CNS) conducts rigorous, independent research on major security-related issues. Research topics are identified by the CNS advisory committee, with input from all members.

CNS drives a significant portion of the research that comes out of the National Security and Public Safety group.

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COVID-19: Mastering the Pivot from Response to Recovery

Even as the coronavirus outbreak continues to swirl around us, the foundation for long-term recovery is being laid. This incident has revealed gaps in social, economic, health, and educational systems as well as emerging opportunities to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Recorded Webinar | April 2020 | The Conference Board of Canada

Effective Crisis Communication: Moving Crisis to Opportunity

A consistent theme in crisis and disaster studies has been the opportunities embedded in situations that are most often seen as entirely negative, threatening, uncertain and harmful. These opportunities for post disaster renewal exist for individuals, organizations and communities. Psychologists have identified what is termed “post traumatic growth” as an opportunity for individuals to develop new understandings of themselves, their world, their relationships and their goals.

Organizations have the opportunity to learn from disasters and create significant changes to operations, facilities, and goals. They may also demonstrate their values and importance and develop new or enhances relationships with stakeholders. Communities can fundamentally rethink and rework services, structures, spaces and response strategies.

Disasters, then, create learning, resource and change opportunities. A factor in moving past a disaster to the opportunities is the leadership that is present and how that leader communicates and frames the disaster event. Dr. Matthew Seeger is a leading researcher investigating how post-crisis communication can facilitate opportunities for renewal.

Recorded Webinar | January 2020 | The Conference Board of Canada

An Introduction to Cyber Insurance: Understanding the Canadian Ecosystem

This issue briefing outlines the current cyber insurance landscape in Canada, examining three main cyber insurance products and the industry’s challenges in covering the threat of cyber attacks.

Issue Briefing | 15 pages | December 2019 | Rachael Bryson, Vanessa Thomas | The Conference Board of Canada

You're It: Crisis, Change, and How to Lead When It Matters Most

The question for leaders isn’t if a crisis will happen to your organization or community, but when. How ready are you as a leader and how ready is your organization? This recorded webinar shares the latest work from the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI) at Harvard on crisis leadership and navigating turbulent times. Eric McNulty, Associate Director of the NPLI, shares research as well practical application of their tools and insights.

Recorded Webinar | November 2019 | The Conference Board of Canada

Lessons From Hurricane Harvey: Shoring Up the Emergency Management Cycle

This briefing looks at the topics discussed during The Conference Board of Canada’s Hurricane Harvey Study Tour through the lens of the emergency management cycle—preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.

Briefing | 26 pages | October 2019 | Darren Gresch | The Conference Board of Canada

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“I’ve had the privilege of being a member of the Centre for National Security (CNS) from its inception. I continue to learn from and exchange ideas with thought leaders who, like me, take essential insights from the Centre and turn them into practices, concepts, and strategic positions. The Centre for National Security is the most inspiring forum in this space that I have seen or heard of.”

—Marc Lapointe, Director, Corporate Security and Resiliency, Bell Canada

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