Building Trust in Data Innovation

The Conference Board of Canada, March 1, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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Data is the life blood of Canadian Innovation, but for the expanding volumes of data to be available for machine language learning new protocols to build trust are necessary. The Non-profit Information Accountability Foundation is at the cutting edge of assuring next generation data policy guidance is acceptable in Canada.

Webinar Highlights

Marty Abrams, IAF chief strategist will discuss stakeholder focused assessments and how that links with emerging concepts of processing for beneficial outcomes.

About Martin

Photo of Martin AbramsMartin Abrams is Executive Director and Chief Strategist at The Information Accountability Foundation. He has over 35 years of experience as an information and consumer policy innovator. Multi-stakeholder collaboration has been a key for Abrams in developing practical solutions to dilemmas in information policy.

His most recent work has been on big data governance and privacy compliance driven by demonstrable data stewardship. Abrams paper, “The Unified Ethical Frame for Big Data Analysis” created the way forward for ethical based assessment when using advanced analytics (“big data”), and a means for broadening the use of the European concept of legitimate interests. Currently he is leading a Canadian project to design an ethical based assessment process when consent is not fully effective in protecting individuals.

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