Canada's Automotive Industry in 2016: Shifting into Higher Gear

The Conference Board of Canada, March 4, 2016
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The motor vehicle manufacturing industry in Canada had a strong financial performance in 2015, thanks to record sales in North America and the benefits of a declining Loonie. But does the future look just as bright?

The industry is now being battered by that same low loonie,, and coupled with losing out to the southern U.S. and Mexico for new investment over the past half-decade, the industry is struggling to maintain production capacity going forward. So what does 2016 hold for one of Canada’s most important industries?

Webinar Highlights

Join Brent Dowdall as he highlights the economic outlook for Canada’s Motor Vehicle and Parts Manufacturing Industry based on the Conference Board's unique Industrial Economic Trends model. You won’t want to miss this expert analaysis of the industries’ key economic indicators, including: production, price, investment, employment revenues, labour and material costs, profits and profit margins. Brent will explore these topics, as well as:

  • Vehicle Sales—Canada and the United States achieved record sales in 2015, but that pace will only continue in one of those countries — find out which one.
  • Shifts in production locations—Auto assemblers are shifting production of cars to the southern U.S. and focusing their Canadian production on larger vehicles. Find out if that is a positive, negative or neutral development for the Canadian industry.
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership—This game-changing trade agreement is expected to have a significant effect on both motor vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers—what are the implications?

About Brent

Brent Dowdall is Senior Manager, Research and Business Development, at The Conference Board of Canada. He is the author of the most recent Canadian Industrial Outlook publications for both the Motor Vehicle Manufacturing and Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing. Brent has Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of Arts in Political Science, both from Carleton University.

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