Let's Talk Science: Making Science Education Exciting, Relevant and Rewarding

The Conference Board of Canada, 12 pages, October 4, 2001
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Let’s Talk Science (LTS) is a national charitable organization that is striving to improve scientific literacy through innovative educational programs, research and advocacy.

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Let’s Talk Science (LTS), makes science exciting, interesting and relevant for youth and educators through a range of age-appropriate, hands-on learning programs. LTS offers a blend of science literacy platforms for children and educators through which comfort levels are enhanced, understanding is achieved and relevance, or context, is attained.

LTS offers three major program streams: 1) professional development for elementary school teachers; 2) hands-on, minds-on science for children aged 3 to 14; and 3) a Partnership Program for elementary and high school teachers and students. Each stream is targeted to match the specific needs of the intended audience through tailored learning strategies and curriculum-relevant activities.

This case study looks at the:
  • activities;
  • resources;
  • keys to success;
  • challenges;
  • innovations;
  • achievements

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