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Powering Down Emissions: Case Studies

Canada-wide, the electricity sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation. As the sector reduces its GHG emissions, it is already playing a...

Report—41 pages

Pathways to Successful Careers

Tools to help students whose first job will not necessarily include a traditional college degree.

Report—28 pages

Compensation Planning Outlook 2019

Information on the pay environment, labour market challenges, and key human capital metrics.

Report—68 pages

Provincial Outlook Executive Summary

This quarterly forecast provides highlights of the short-term outlook for Canada’s provinces.

Report—32 pages

Benchmarking Diversity and Inclusion

This report discusses the impacts on businesses driving attention and investment in D&I practices.

Report—48 pages

Benefits Benchmarking 2019

This report will help Canadian employers to make informed decisions about their benefits programs.

Report—116 pages

Canadian Long-Term Forecast: 2019

This annual Canadian economic forecast presents the long-term national outlook.

Report—219 pages

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