Health and Safety—Views From the Top: Mining With a Mission at PotashCorp.

The Conference Board of Canada, 5 pages, May 22, 2014
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Workplace safety: Is it a value or a priority? This briefing takes a look at the components that set PotashCorp apart from other companies.

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Through its Canadian mines, PotashCorp accounts for about 20 per cent of the world’s potash production capacity. Its workforce totals about 5,000, of which about one-third is based in Canadian mines.

This briefing, Health and Safety—Views from the Top: Mining With a Mission at PotashCorp, presents the views of Mark Fracchia, Vice-President for Safety, Health and Environment at PotashCorp. “We don’t talk about safety as ‘job number one’ or ‘priority number one,’ because priorities change but values don’t,” says Fracchia. According to Fracchia, over the coming years, PotashCorp will continue with its strategic plan to become one of the safest mining companies in the world. While developing its five-year safety plan, the company diagnosed gaps and opportunities related to workplace health and safety. “It’s important that any initiatives are properly communicated to everyone, and to consider input and feedback from front-line employees,” says Fracchia.

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