The Future of Canada’s Health Care Supply Chain: Value-Based Procurement

The Conference Board of Canada, February 11, 2016
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Healthcare reform is trending across the globe. Many countries and jurisdictions are moving to a value-based health care system, one where generating increased value for patients is the main goal. At its core, value-based health care is all about obtaining better health outcomes per dollar spent. And to maximize this value for patients, leading organizations are moving towards a value-based procurement system, one that ensures lower costs and more direct care for each individual. But how does a value-based procurement system differ from traditional models? And could it allow your organization to more effectively provide care?

Join Dr. Gabriela Prada as she explores value-based procurement, and explains how the model represents a shift from traditional procurement approaches that focused on cost-containment, and instead seeks value beyond cost minimization. Value-based procurement is mandatory within the European Union and it is being encouraged by the Ontario Government. Other provinces in Canada are also following this trend. Don’t miss this chance to hear why this is quickly becoming the model of choice, and how your organization could benefit by adopting this strategy.

Webinar Highlights

Attendees at this session will learn:

  • The definition of value-based procurement
  • an overview of a framework to think about procurement processes to generate value
  • a few examples from jurisdictions that are embracing value-based procurement with success

About Gabriela

Photo of Gabriela PradaGabriela Prada, Director, Health Innovation, Policy and Evaluation. Dr. Gabriela Prada brings more than 17 years of experience as a physician, management consultant, and policy researcher to the HIPE team. She provides leadership and oversight to all contract research and executive network activities and often speaks on behalf of the Conference Board on health-related topics.

Dr. Prada has a strong understanding of the health industry, including the business processes and activities involved in the provision and management of health services. Having worked as a physician in various settings, including emergency rooms and rural hospitals, she understands the processes involved in the delivery of health care and the interdependence among health-care providers.

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