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Engagement and Research Areas

Our Research Platform

Our research is guided by a limited number of principles that build upon our history:

  • An evidence-based approach to providing insights.
  • The use of an integrated or systems approach to research.
  • An inclusive approach to Canada’s energy future.
  • The provision of independent, non-partisan and objective thought leadership.
  • Economic driven and an approach that echoes economic sensibility.


Utilizing insights and evidence from year one, consultations with CEGE funders, and input from other stakeholders, a framework guides our research and engagement plan.

  • Theme 1: Effective and Enhanced Environmental Performance. Inform a better understanding of how environmental outcomes drive performance.
  • Theme 2: Efficient and Inclusive Economic Growth. Provide evidence and insights on how to fully maximize the short- and long-term economic potential and prosperity.
  • Theme 3: Reliable and Cost-competitive Energy. Fill knowledge gaps and inform discourse on pathways to clean energy systems for Canadian producers and consumers.


Research Plan

The five-year research plan aims to provide economic and policy evidence to inform Canada’s journey towards a clean energy growth economy.

  • Year 1—2018: Foundation
    The foundation year included research in four areas: carbon competitiveness, consumer behavior, decarbonizing electricity, and clean growth finance. These papers are now or have been published.
  • Year 2—2019: What is a Clean Energy Growth Economy?
    Define measurable parameters that best characterize the trends and quality of a clean energy growth economy for Canada, with a focus on indicators, challenges, and actions needed.
  • Year 3—2020: Unpacking the New Growth Story
    Deep dives into the critical gaps, opportunities and challenges uncovered in year 2.
  • Year 4—2021: A Roadmap to Action
    Exploring the gaps in policy and action, identifying key waypoints, and creating a roadmap towards a clean energy growth economy.
  • Year 5—2022: Canada’s Clean Energy Growth Economy
    Review and frame the evidence and analysis, culminating in an economically pragmatic and socially achievable view of Canada’s clean energy growth economy.

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