Are you reacting or responding?

In the midst of a crisis, particularly one the scale of the current pandemic, it is understandable to be reactive. As leaders, however, it is imperative we pay attention to how we are showing up and operating. This includes determining if we are reacting or responding to the crisis and the changes it is imposing on our decision-making.

Blog—April 03, 2020

Maintaining Morale Now and Into the Future

If you are a leader, you now also have to take on the role of “chief morale officer.” With your people working remotely and the current climate of fear around health and finances, a top priority for you as a leader is to keep your people motivated and feeling as good as they can about the work they do for you.

Blog—March 26, 2020

“What is my leader doing?” is a question you may find yourself asking right now, whatever level you are at in your organization. However, in times like these, it is helpful to re-frame this question and consider asking yourself, “What can I do to help lead?”