Kristin Bower

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
Kristin Bower Consulting

Kristin Bower is Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Kristin Bower Consulting. An award-winning diversity and inclusion professional, Kristin brings her two decades of experience to a wide variety of clients through her Diversity & Inclusion consulting business, Kristin Bower Consulting. She has led work in the areas of diversity & inclusion strategy development, intercultural competency and unconscious bias training, workplace culture, Reconciliation and Indigenous history, disability and inclusive employment programs and mental health awareness and training.

Kristin is a frequent speaker at conferences and in workplaces on the topics of diversity and inclusion, workplace culture and mental health and her writing has been published in PeopleTalk and Visions magazines and the Good Money blog, among other publications, and she has been featured in the Globe and Mail. An outspoken advocate for deeper awareness of mental health issues, she also writes a blog called Adventures of a Survivor and often includes posts with a human resources and inclusion perspective.