Future of Work

Rising Skills in Canada

Employment in Canada is going to look different in the future. The types of education, abilities, skills, and experiences that employers seek are evolving. Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics, unmanned vehicles, and the Internet of Things, the growing share of knowledge-based services, and the rise of technology-enabled platforms will reshape careers.

Online experience  |  3-min read
December 14, 2020
Focus Area—Education & Skills

Compensation Planning Outlook Webinar for 2021

Each year, the Conference Board’s Compensation Planning Outlook provides a reliable forecast for compensation and HR professionals across the country. This look at the pay environment coupled with expert interpretation of original research is essential for any organization looking to ensure that they are able to secure the talent they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Webinar  |  59-min listen
October 21, 2019
Focus Area—Human Resources

The political moment unfolding now is an opportunity to take transformative action against systemic racism and discrimination. How do we ensure that this moment becomes more than, well, a moment?

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Commentary  |  4-min read
September 24, 2019
Focus Area—Inclusion