Upping the Ante: Employee Perquisites (Perks) and Flexible Work Arrangements

The Conference Board of Canada, August 14, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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Is your organization tapping into the potential of employee perquisites and flexible work arrangements? While the basis of any total rewards package is solid compensation and benefits, organizations may look to complement these offerings with market competitive employee perquisites and flexible work arrangements.

Webinar Highlights

The right employee perquisites can help set an organization apart – both in terms of attracting and retaining top talent. Furthermore, research shows that some potential employees would choose increased workplace flexibility over a pay increase, when it comes to choosing an employer.

In 2017, The Conference Board of Canada surveyed organizations across Canada on their perquisite and flexible work offerings. Based on responses from 324 organizations from across the country, the Board published two companion reports: Flexible Work Arrangements: Transforming the Way Canadians Work, and Perks at Work: Employee Perquisite Offerings in Canadian Organizations.

Join report authors Kathryn MacLean and Monica Haberl for this webinar, and find out if your organization is providing competitive perks and workplace flexibility offerings. The authors will delve deeper into the findings, and focus on the following topics:

  • Top perks offered by organizations, as well as perks that provide the most value
  • The financial value of perquisites, and how this varies related to which employees have access to each perk
  • The prevalence of flexible work arrangements, and which options are the most common
  • Top reasons for offering flexible work options, and an evaluation of some of the drawbacks of doing so
  • A discussion of changes in perquisite and flexible work offerings, including the way forward and some suggestions for employers looking to integrate both into their rewards packages

About Kathryn

Photo of Kathryn MacLeanKathryn MacLean is a Research Associate, on the Total Rewards Research Team at The Conference Board of Canada. She conducts custom research services for network members and has completed research on several topics including flexible work arrangements, compensation increases, and pension and retirement savings. She is the lead author on this year’s upcoming Compensation Planning Outlook report.

About Monica

Photo of Monica HaberlMonica Haberl joined the Conference Board in 2015 as a Research Associate and Network Manager with the Organizational Performance division. She works with the Compensation Research Centre and the Council for Industrial Relations Executives. She has completed research in a variety of areas including total rewards, industrial relations, talent management, leadership and engagement.

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