Who Benefits? A Summary of the Economic Impacts That Result From the Trans Mountain Expansion

The Conference Board of Canada, 21 pages, January 6, 2016
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This briefing builds on previous work conducted by The Conference Board of Canada to estimate additional economic and fiscal benefits associated with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

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In this briefing, we examine the impacts associated with the higher prices that oil producers would receive as a result of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. In particular, we consider what oil producers would do with the additional after-tax cash flows that would result from higher prices—either distributing them as dividends or reinvesting them. We also look at the impact of additional tanker traffic in Port Metro Vancouver.

We found that, combined, these impacts would generate 678,000 person-years of employment and $18.5 billion in fiscal benefits over the first 20 years of the TMEP’s operations.

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