Canada's Forest and Lumber Industry Outlook: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

The Conference Board of Canada, September 28, 2015
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Canada isn’t just an oil and gas economy. Our wood products industry is currently thriving, benefiting from the ongoing recovery in the U.S. housing market and a relatively weak Canadian dollar. The wood industry is operating at near full capacity and producing at its highest level since 2006.

But there are clouds on the horizon in the medium-term. The spread of the mountain pine beetle continues to pose a risk to lumber supply, especially for companies operating in British Columbia’s interior. Meanwhile, the expiration of the existing Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber agreement in October adds another layer of uncertainty for the industry.

So what does the future hold for Canadian lumber producers?

Join The Conference Board’s Director of Industrial Economic Trends, Michael Burt, as he discusses the five-year outlook for Canadian wood and paper product industries. Michael will discuss the major indicators for the industry, including: production, employment, prices, revenue, cost, profitability and profit margin.

Webinar Highlights

In this 60-minute webinar, Michael will discuss:

  • Impact of a lower Canadian dollar: With benchmark prices for most wood products set in U.S. dollars, a weaker Canadian dollar will boost industry revenues. The lower Canadian will support profit margins within the industry.
  • Implications of the mountain pine beetle infestation: Timber supply constraints will continue to limit domestic production. As B.C. lumber companies look to expand productive capacity, some will look south to make up for lost production at home.
  • The expiration of the softwood lumber agreement. With the current Canada–U.S. Softwood Lumber Agreement set to expire this October, investments in U.S. mills will allow lumber producers to hedge against the uncertainty of future softwood lumber agreements.

About Michael

As Director, Industrial Economic Trends, Michael Burt oversees regular forecasts for more than 30 different sectors of the Canadian economy. Michael joined The Conference Board of Canada in 2004. In addition to contributing to the development of the Industrial Outlook forecast model, Michael has introduced new industry-specific products and conducted commissioned analysis. Michael has a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Toronto, and has also completed the Chartered Financial Analyst program.

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