Inclusive Workplaces Conference

This conference brings together leaders and practitioners for an interactive day of sharing experiences, creating meaningful connections, and learning to build and champion more-inclusive workplaces.

Conference—December 4, Toronto

Public Sector Leadership Conference 2020

Inspiring public sector organizations to think differently, act inclusively, and work effectively to lead change in an uncertain climate

Conference—February 3–4, Ottawa

As the working world continues to evolve, corporate culture remains an important focus area for many organizations. Workplace culture can have a significant impact on organizational performance, employee engagement, and the ability to retain and attract talent.

Kim Parsons

Content Expert

Diversity vs. Inclusion: What’s the Difference?

How organizations are thinking about diversity is shifting. A narrative that only focuses on building a diverse organization is insufficient. For organizations to see real impact on their company culture, ability to innovate, and bottom line, they must not only have a diverse workforce, but support them through strategic inclusion efforts.

Amanda Daoust—September 5, 2019

Leaders’ guide to safety culture: five actions you can improve

Safety culture is an important construct in industrial safety management and could be described as one of the most important developments in industrial safety in recent history.

Webinar—CBoC (60 minutes)

Metrics for Leaders: Drive Better Outcomes

CEOs see not having a framework to measure innovation as an important obstacle to future innovation. But how exactly do you measure innovation?

Report—Anne Greer, John Metselaar, and Rita Shor (17 pages)

Taking the Stage®

Taking the Stage® is a program that enables women to view leadership through the lens of communication—supporting them to develop the skills needed to be seen as strong, confident leaders.

Program—The Niagara Institute

Managing Cannabis in the Workplace

The impact of cannabis on workplace productivity is unknown. Safety & organizational culture risks need to be managed, but the extent of employer liability risks has not yet been fully understood.

Webinar—Dr. Bill Howatt (60 minutes)

Building a Culture of Collaboration

Many organizations are changing their environments in an effort to spur more collaboration between employees, yet few of these organizations can be sure they are achieving this goal.

Report—Jane Cooper (30 pages)

Canadian Workers’ Perspective

At a time when Canadian employers are striving for a more comprehensive and integrated approach to workplace health and safety, it is essential to know how workers assess these key features of their workplace.

Webinar—Graham Lowe (60 minutes)

Effective Management Critical to Performance

Ultimately, an organization’s success depends on the average employee’s beliefs and success in their assigned role. Why do organizations lose top talent or fail to have them perform to their full potential?

Op-ed —Dr. Bill Howatt