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2017 Was Another Eventful Year in Canadian Immigration

  • Kareem El-Assal
| Dec 06, 2017

7.5 Million Immigrants Create Opportunities and Challenges for Canada

| Oct 26, 2017
The release of census data makes researchers and policy-makers feel as excited as children waking up on Christmas Day. Yesterday’s 2016 Census release provides us with a better sense of the characteristics of Canada’s immigrants. As a new Conference Board study shows, Canada’s deaths will cancel out births within the next 15 years or so; therefore, immigration is set to account for all of the country’s population and labour-force growth. This means that immigration will become even more important to Canada’s prosperity.

Increasing Canada’s Immigration Levels Depends on Improving Job Outcomes for Newcomers

| Oct 02, 2017

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| Sep 25, 2017

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| Aug 22, 2017

Canada’s Immigration System: 150 Years Later

| Jun 21, 2017

After Brexit and Trump, Is There a Point to the Points System?

| May 08, 2017

Business Immigration Can Play a Role in Canada’s Economic Growth Agenda

| May 02, 2017

Settling Syrian Refugees: Lessons from the GTA

| Apr 24, 2017

Canada Deserves an “A” for Immigration Innovation

| Apr 19, 2017

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