Preventing Data Breaches through Data Management and Data Governance

The Conference Board of Canada, May 16, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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What are the realities of data protection in Canada? What are the privacy and security implications for organizations who are collecting, processing, generating and storing data?

Webinar Highlights

In this 60 minute recorded webinar, Dan Finerty explores data management and governance strategies that are critical to maintaining data integrity and preventing data breaches. Dan elaborates on the keys to successfully List, Monitor, Detect, and Protect information, as well as the importance of data and analytics to other departments within the organization.

SAS Canada specializes in generating value from data by offering over 150 products and solutions reflecting the latest innovations in analytics, business, intelligence, and data management. It aims to help clients make smarter decisions about profitability, growth, productivity, competitive advantage, risk and security, customer relationships, and their impact in the world.

About Dan

Dan FinertyDan Finerty is SAS Canada’s solutions lead for information management. A 30-year veteran in Information Management, Dan provides guidance to customers on ways to maximize their return on investment in Advanced Analytics through strategic deployment Data Management capabilities. Dan started his career at IBM as a System Engineer and developed his expertise in application and data management. This experience was developed in several roles throughout sales, marketing, and professional services consulting roles. Dan continued at Progress Software as a thought leader in mainframe application and data integration. He is currently responsible for providing guidance to customers to maximize their return on investment in Advanced Analytics through the strategic deployment of Data Management capabilities.

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