Blockchain pilot projects are already underway with major financial institutions, federal government agencies, supply chain firms, energy companies, and in the arts. Research labs focusing on blockchain have launched at universities across the country. Entrepreneurs, meanwhile, have quickly used blockchain as the foundation for a wide range of startup ventures, developing new use cases for the technology.

The 2019 Blockchain Summit offers a day and a half to take stock of how the blockchain community is evolving in Canada, helping senior executives make critical decisions about investments, partnerships, and plans to successfully apply it.

While most blockchain conferences and events are aimed at highly technical audiences, such as application developers, or focused on topics solely related to cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Summit 2019 will create an exclusive, collaborative environment for business leaders who want to accelerate the deployment of smart contracts, decentralized applications, or other enterprise benefits.

Building on Success

Our inaugural summit in 2018 helped define the technology and its applications, identify potential uses, and laid the groundwork for developing a business plan. Blockchain Summit 2019 will help leaders take the next step. Keynote speakers and plenary sessions offer best practices applicable to a broad audience, as well as in-depth tracks in areas such as finance, supply chain, and the public sector. Whether you’re a returning delegate or joining us for the first time, this is the community who will set the bar for excellence in Canadian blockchain adoption.