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The Conference Board of Canada logo


The Conference Board of Canada bilingual logo

Proper Logo Usage

Minimum size

The minimum size for reproducing the Conference Board of Canada logo is no less than 2.5 centimetres wide.

Clear space

Clear space around CBoC logo
The clear space around the logo must be the width of an “e” from the logo on all sides.

Background control

Samples of CBoC Logo on various backgrounds
If the Conference Board of Canada logo is placed on a photographic or textured background in certain applications, the background must provide sufficient contrast to the logo. Textured backgrounds that contain patterns should be subdued so they do not compete visually with the logo. Otherwise, either the reversed out or the solid black version must be used.

Improper Logo Usage

Improper design applied to CBoC logo
Never attempt to create your own Conference Board of Canada logo.

Improper colour bar attached to CBoC logo
Never attach anything to the logo.

Rotated CBoC logo
Never alter the horizontal orientation of the logo.

Improperly coloured CBoC logo
Never reproduce the logo in non-approved colours.

Incomplete CBoC logo
Never use part of the logo; it is an integral unit.

Obscured CBoC logo
Never print on top of the logo.

Stretched CBoC logo
Never stretch or alter the logo’s proportions.

CBoC logo incorporated into a sentence
Never use the logo as part of a sentence or phrase.

Media Contacts

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Belinda Bien

(From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET; after hours, please send an e-mail.)

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