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Nordic Innovation Study Tour

The 2020 Nordic Innovation Study Tour is a chance for senior Canadian executives to learn about the innovation ecosystems of Denmark and Norway. By joining us on this study tour, you will engage in a unique and dynamic forum for examining groundbreaking developments in innovation.

2April 20–24 | Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Driving Knowledge Management for Innovation

This briefing explores ways knowledge management can drive innovation within firms.

Report—32 pages

Indigenous youth are the fastest-growing population segment in Canada and are graduating from post-secondary institutions in greater numbers than ever before. They offer Canadian employers a vibrant and expanding labour pool. But in STEM fields, they are still not being trained and employed in proportion to their numbers.

Event | Fall 2020, Waterloo

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An Introduction to Cyber Insurance: Understanding the Canadian Ecosystem

While cyber risk cannot be eliminated, it can be controlled. Every organization today that works with digital data is vulnerable to cyber attack. While it is impossible to completely abolish the risk of becoming a target, this risk can be managed—primarily though retaining cyber insurance.

Report | Rachael Bryson and Vanessa Thomas, 

December 13, 2019

Artificial intelligence and the Global Trade Environment: Strategic Foresight

This report presents and analyzes four plausible scenarios on AI (artificial intelligence), global adoption, and the openness of the global trade environment. Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities that industries, the government, and the public may face as AI technologies and global economic trends continue to evolve.

Report | CBoC, October 4, 2019

Data dilemmas: Analytics, infrastructure, governance and talent

Our federal government is not the only organization struggling to collect, produce, and analyze useful data. Many private, academic, and non-profit sector businesses are also struggling to adapt to our data-driven world.

Blog | Dr. Vanessa Thomas, July 18, 2019

Give your data a home: choosing between data warehouses, hubs, and lakes

Data is everywhere. It is often described as an abundant resource, and like all abundant resources, we need to learn to manage and maintain our data if we hope to make proper use of it. But what defines proper use of data? For starters, it means analyzing it. Where and how we store our data affects how, when, and to what degree we can analyze it.

Blog | Vanessa Thomas, October 7, 2019

Finding focus: The future of work in Canada

Defining the future of work is a complex and multifaceted task. Much of the existing research looks at the tasks that employers will automate, the workers they will displace, and the skills needed to complete said tasks...

Blog | Darren Gresch, October 1, 2019

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Emerging threats in cybersecurity

From the recent Desjardins data breach to the ongoing ransomware crises facing many municipal governments, Canadians have been receiving regular reminders about threats to our cybersecurity.

Webinar | Vanessa Thomas, August 26, 2019

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Emerging cyber threats: ransomware, cryptojacking, and IoT attacks

The growing number of internet-connected devices, and the emergence of new types of cyber-attacks, have fueled the growth of these attacks, affecting 1 in 5 Canadian businesses while costing at least $120 million dollars in 2018 in ransomware alone...

Blog | Vanessa Thomas, August 7, 2019

Driving Knowledge Management for Innovation

This briefing explores ways knowledge management can drive innovation within firms.

Report | Sarah Dimick, May 25, 2015