Canadian Human Resources Benchmarking: Total Rewards—October 2022

The Conference Board of Canada, October 3, 2022
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This ongoing series examines the HR practices and metrics of Canadian organizations, specifically around turnover, engagement, diversity and inclusion, absence, and health and safety.

Document Highlights

  • Compensation and total rewards are key to attracting and retaining high-quality talent. However, most organizations (89.9 per cent) that participated in this survey pay at the 50th percentile (p50) for base salary.
  • Short-term incentive plans (STIPs) make up nearly a quarter of total compensation for management- and executive-level professionals in the private sector. In contrast, the same employee groups in the public sector receive most of their compensation (over 82 per cent) as base pay.
  • Individual cash incentives and bonuses are the most common STIPs offered by organizations. Employees in trades, service, and production positions, however, were slightly more likely to receive team-based STIPs.
  • Over a third of C-suite executives (41 per cent) agree or strongly agree that adopting hybrid work models will necessitate the development of a new total rewards structure over the next year, while 17 per cent report that hybrid work arrangements will likely have no impact.

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