Skills for Success: Developing Skills for a Prosperous B.C.

The Conference Board of Canada, 100 pages, February 5, 2015
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This report sheds light on the economic costs of British Columbia’s skills gaps and mismatches; and identifies the occupations, credentials, and essential skills needed to address them.

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The Conference Board of Canada estimates that skills gaps cost the British Columbia economy up to $4.7 billion in foregone GDP and $616 million in provincial tax revenues—annually. To address the issue, the Conference Board recently conducted a survey of 854 B.C. employers to find out which skills, occupations, and credentials employers require to meet current and future needs. The results shed light on the skills needs and issues facing B.C., including the factors shaping skills supply and demand; the economic impacts associated with skills shortages and mismatches; and the occupations, credentials, and skills that employers need to meet their workforce needs. The report also proposes 10 recommendations for stakeholders (employers, educators, governments, and individuals) on how to address B.C.’s skills challenges.

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