Climate Change

A Chance to Lead: Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Finance

Two things are vital to the Canadian energy sector’s survival in the sustainable finance marketplace: effective disclosure, and high-integrity data. This briefing looks at how to achieve these goals.

Issue Briefing | 15 pages

Economic report
Canada’s clean energy growth economy regional input tour

A clean energy growth economy sustains our environment, creates wealth, and enhances our standard of living. Canada’s energy system is transitioning to a model that balances environmental protection, economic growth, and a prosperous society.


Municipalities in Canada are on the front lines of climate change mitigation. Decarbonizing cities through greater transit use and more efficient transportation systems is key to transitioning to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is especially true because the federal government is pursuing a policy of allowing resource and energy development, while cutting carbon pollution in the transportation, building, electricity and other sectors.

Pedro Antunes and Roger Francis