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Full-time job growth fuels lower unemployment, better wages

Canada’s labour market continues to be the bright spot of the Canadian economy. In September the economy generated new jobs, all of which are full-time. As labour force growth was modest, the unemployment rate fell. The best news was on the wage front, where low levels of unemployment pushed wages up compared to the same period last year.

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Canadian outlook executive summary

After two quarters of subpar growth, the Canadian economy posted a remarkable gain in the second quarter of 2019. While the headline number was noteworthy, the specific details in the report from Statistics Canada indicate that the performance was far less encouraging.

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Compensation planning outlook 2020: A sneak preview

A sneak preview on compensation plans for 2020. Get key findings based on survey data provided by organizations across Canada. Preparing you for compensation plans for 2020.

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Top 4 drivers of workplace inclusion

A change in attitude (and evidence) is brewing. Organizations are starting to realize that building a diverse and inclusive workplace is no longer a nice to have – it’s a critical business imperative. Here is a snapshot of four main drivers behind this new thinking.

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