Making a Visible Difference: The Contribution of Visible Minorities to Canadian Economic Growth

The Conference Board of Canada, 6 pages, April 19, 2004
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This briefing explores the impact of a quickly growing segment of our population, visible minorities, on Canadian economic growth. It explores their contribution since 1992 and projects their contribution to economic growth to 2016.

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The rapid growth of visible minorities is changing the very face of Canada and boosting our economy. By 2016, almost one in five workers will belong to a visible minority group. This segment of our population has accounted for over 0.3 per cent per year to growth of potential output and, in turn, to real gross domestic product between 1992 and 2001. Looking ahead, their contribution promises to be at least as important as it already has been. As strong as the contribution of visible minorities is, it could be even stronger were it not for the 14.5 per cent wage gap that exists. And this gap is a persistent, and even a deepening one. Evidence suggests that a learning recognition gap, due to a failure to recognize foreign credentials or foreign work experience, explains a portion of the wage gap. And full elimination of this wage gap would benefit not only visible minorities, but the Canadian economy.

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