Getting Back in the Game: Managing Disability and The Return to Work

The Conference Board of Canada, March 8, 2016
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Returning to work after a health-related absence can be a challenge for employees and employers alike. This transition can be particularly difficult for employees experiencing a mental health issue, as stigma and lack of appropriate resources can make an already challenging situation worse for everyone. Recent Conference Board research has found that only 41 per cent of Canadian workplaces have formal return to work programs in place. Is your organization one of them? And if not, how can you go about building a return to work program that’s there when your employees need it the most?

Join The Conference Board’s Manager of Workplace Health and Wellness Research, Louise Chénier, as she shares her insights on how employers can implement an effective return to work framework in their organizations. Louise will discuss how this framework can be used for employees who have experienced physical or mental health issues, and show how a proper plan can ease the transition for the employee, their colleagues, and the organization as a whole.

Louise will be joined by Jody Nelson from Loblaw Companies ltd. who will share a practical case study that will put the theory into organizational context. Jody will share how the Medical Services Team at Loblaw has developed a program for workplace accommodation that supports colleagues with return to work and stay at work accommodations. Based on the approach used when injured hockey players return to the game, she will explain how the employee returning to the workplace after a health-related leave of absence first does so in a modified capacity. Any barriers for returning to work are identified and an individual return to work plan is created to ensure success.

Webinar Highlights

During this webinar, participants will:

  • Explore how prevention and early intervention are key to managing disability in the workplace.
  • Hear how to put in place preventative accommodation measures, as part of a stay@work program.
  • Discover the elements of a successful return to work program.
  • Learn about an accommodation process that helps employees transition back to productive work.
  • Discover resources that can assist to determine appropriate accommodations.

About Louise

Louise Chénier is the Manager of Workplace Health and Wellness Research with the Leadership and Human Resources Research Division of The Conference Board of Canada. She has participated in many different research endeavours with the Conference Board including strategic human resources management; employee health, safety, and wellness; and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

About Jody

Jody Nelson (RN) is an Occupational Health Nurse at Loblaw Companies ltd., in her current role she provides support and education to all business units in Western Canada. Throughout her 16 year nursing career, Jody has had the opportunity to work in corrections, nursing education, public health, emergency and occupational medicine. She believes that knowing the work, the workplace, and the worker contributes to a safe workplace and supports employees/employers to be engaged participants of return to work plans.

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